Delivery And Return Policy


"Curves By Snatched" ships items throughout the USA territory, through a transporter, guaranteeing security and coverage and ensuring that your purchase reaches the address you desire.

Delivery times:

Delivery times start counting from the confirmation of payment. The order will be delivered within a period not exceeding 7 business days according to the carrier's coverage.

For payments, at the moment of the approval of the payment, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the same. To check the status of your purchase, you can enter "My Orders" located at the top right of the page.

Deliveries are not made on an exact schedule. In case you have any concerns with the dispatch of the product, you can contact our Customer Service line at 646-512-9517, in our Chat from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 p.m. EST, or through our email


The product may be received by any person of legal age who lives or is present at the place of delivery, for which the signature of the transporter's guide will suffice.

In the event that the product has signs of damage or breaks in its packaging at the time of delivery, it must be recorded in the transporter's guide as an observation.

Return Policies According To The Reason

Girdles, underwear, bathing suits or personal care items are not accepted for refunds, returns or exchanges, except for those that have a factory defect identified.

These items must be in perfect condition, complete, with the labels and tags still attached and in their original packaging.  reserves the right to accept changes and returns with prior analysis of the case.

The garments that are in promotion, with a discount or that are in the “SALE” section of our Website are final sales and have no return.

Returns of garments will always be made for the value at which they were purchased.

If at the time of purchase, you use a discount coupon and a return is made, this benefit is extinguished and cannot be used in a future purchase.

The product must be returned in optimal conditions, without traces of having been used, must not be modified or altered from its original state and must be in good condition and clean.


In accordance with the Consumer Statute, the following are the conditions presented by Vivell SAS to make effective the changes of garments purchased in the Online Store:

  • It is only allowed to change the garment within fifteen (15) calendar days after receipt.
  • Only one (1) change per garment is allowed.
  • The exchange of a garment is only allowed when our Advisor or Quality Process confirm that the garment has not been used, it has no stains, it still has the label, the original packaging and is in excellent condition.
  • The exchange of a garment is only allowed when the reason is a change in size larger or smaller than the one purchased.
  • The exchange of a garment is only allowed when the reason is a change of reference of greater value, in this case the client must pay the surplus.
  • A written record of the anomalies presented by the garment at the time of the change must be left.
  • The client must be notified of the exchange conditions, clearly and confirming that they have been understood. The Changes process will inform the appropriate option to make it effective: 1-If the garment was purchased at full price, the exchange can be made for an existing garment through our website. The client must have proof of a purchase invoice and send item to 9924 universal Blvd, Ste 224-415, Orlando, FL 32819. The cost of shipping to the company is paid by the customer. It may take up to fifteen (15) calendar days it may take time for the new garment to be delivered.

    2-If the garment was purchased at a discount or at a special time; It should be sent to 9924 universal Blvd, Ste 224-415, Orlando, FL 32819. The cost of shipping to the company is paid by the customer. It may take up to fifteen (15) calendar days it may take time for the new garment to be delivered.

  • The exchange of a garment is not valid when the reason is a change of color or reference of lesser value.
  • It is not valid to change the garment when it has been used or does not meet any of the conditions described above.

Reversal of the payment is made, by electronic means, when the consumer is subject to fraud or its operation corresponds to an “Unsolicited” and the purchased product has not yet been received (5 days after receipt or from the moment it should have been received the garment).

Steps to make your return

To make a return, contact our Customer Service Area through our Website (,  in our Customer Service line at 503-886-8997, in our Chat from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 p.m. EST, or through our email ; 9924 Universal Blvd, Ste 224-145, Orlando, FL 32819-8717

  • Copy of Invoice
  • Or
  • Full name on the invoice
  • Information of the payment method; last 4 digits of card payment was processed with

Options to make the return:

Once we have your return request with the necessary data and your return is accepted; you have 2 options:

  1. We will send you a carrier return label to your email within the next 24 hours so that you can return your products. Print the label (it already has all the information registered, you do not need to fill in additional information) and take it with the product to any carrier location.
  2. Contact Delié, if you need additional accommodations or have additional questions

Monetary refunds:

Once the return is made and we receive the product in our warehouses, the respective analysis of the garment will be carried out and you will be returned the money in the way you choose from the following options:

  • A voucher to make a new purchase on our Website :): This "Voucher" will be valid for one year. We recommend this medium for its immediacy.
  • Refund to the card you used to make your purchase: It can take up to 7-10 business days depending on the financial institution processing schedule.
  • No cash refunds.


Once the return process has begun, in case additional data is requested to advance the process, you will have 45 (forty-five) days from the request of the same to supply them. Once this period has expired, in the event that you do not provide said data, it will be understood that you have withdrawn from the request submitted.

To return the shipment you can use the same packaging in which we deliver your order or use a packaging of your choice, however, it is important that the packaging is appropriate according to the nature of the product so that it cannot be affected during the transportation process.

The guide is valid only for the next 72 hours once you receive it in your email, so you must make sure to coordinate the shipment at this time.


Garment replacement


Establish the methodology to identify the process of recognition and replacement of a product made by VIVELL S.A.S. ( Curves By Snatched ) to the client.

Process activities description

1. Evaluation by quality or Customer Service

The Customer Service area or the Quality and Guarantees area carry out a review of the product or process and proceed to apply the evaluation filter with the following reasons as a reason to determine replacement of the product to the customer:

  • When you enter the second time for warranty service for the same reason or the defect persists.
  • By defect verified in the manufacturing process and the product cannot be tailored/repaired.
  • By defect or non-conformity in the inputs or raw material and the product cannot be tailored/repaired.
  • Due to improper modification or repair process and the product is damaged.
  • If there is a difference between the item adverted in imagery and physical product delivered.
  • Changes in design without prior notice or notification to the customer.
  • For non-compliance in the provision of the service: When the requested arrangement is not carried out.
  • After-sales service formats are not adequately and completely completed by the consultant, and repairs are carried out in the workshop without the necessary and sufficient information.
  • When a product repair is performed without the customer requesting it or a different repair is performed than the one requested by the customer.
  • When the product does not match the label, that is, the product is different from what is labeled.

2. Notification of the replacement decision to the customer

Once the filter is applied and the decision is made to replace the product to the customer, the corresponding Area is notified by phone or email, Customer Service prepares the document or Notification Letter in original and copy to be delivered to the customer; This is sent directly or through the corresponding Area. The client must sign the letter as a sign of acceptance and subsequently the area in charge must return it to Customer Service where it must be filed.

3. Product delivery

If the Area has the product in its inventory, it makes, with the signature of acceptance to the Notification Letter, the delivery to the client.

Once the delivery has been made, the store administrator proceeds to return the product delivered by the customer and the new invoice for the replacement product to the Front system, in order to record the entry and exit in the case of both products.

The entry of the garment that the client returns is registered with the return in the system and the exit of the delivered product is registered with the new invoice.

Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped no later than 5 working days of receipt Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm ET. Orders received between 3-5pm on Friday are due for processing by the next Monday in the new week. If an order will be delayed over 5 days for any reason, we will do our best to inform our customers of such changes


We use UPS Ground to deliver our orders. Please read about their COVID-19 policy 

Shipping Rates

We offer a flat fee rate of $10.00 for all orders within the 50 States, we do not ship internationally

Out of stock Orders

If an item goes out of stock, we will let you know immediately and process a refund or offer a similar item